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Pureology (L'Oréal)

14.7% Engagement Rate

17 Micro to Mega Campaign Influencers

50 Pre-seeding Influencers

TikTok and Instagram

I worked on Pureology's biggest influencer campaign of the year with engagement rate KPI over-performing at 14.7% vs. the 2% beauty industry sponsored campaigns benchmark.

I led campaign data analytics, and content performance benchmarking on Instagram and TikTok using Traackr software.

Additionally, I predicted and defined TikTok benchmarking best practices for the brands' digital department.

co-led influencer selections and assisted with campaign messaging and concept, working with internal and external partners.


The campaign included 17 paid micro to mega influencers on Instagram and TikTok.

As well as a pre-seeding round with 50 influencers. Activated with premium custom-designed boxes that echoed Pureology's ethos.

The campaign generated organic love and boosted brand's overall KPIs.

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