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Instagram Reels created for a brand new account brought 

- organic reach of 15K new accounts

- 50% increase in followers over the first month

- continuous exposure

Strategically combining professionally produced aesthetic Reels with lifestyle "on-the-go" Reels created on the platform to diversify the content.

Testing over time and continuously analyzing the performance of published Reels, best practices in content, posting, and hashtag strategy were identified.


Creating TikTok videos for a new photography account:

Connecting with the community through showcasing the process, everyday inspiration & behind the scenes moments.


Combining adapted still content with TikTok videos produced on the platform.

Experimenting with social-first lifestyle aesthetic & everyday content to target larger audiences.

Maximizing the use of hashtags, captions, and trending sounds.


Idea Pins that can combine videos and stills show amazing & fast growth on Pinterest. 

Trying out Pinterest Creator Hub, the first ever reel for a new account scored 1.6K views in just 3 weeks.

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