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Social Media Strategist,

based in New York.

Welcome to my portfolio! I'm a social media strategist and creator passionate about the power of Data Analytics informing both Content and Strategy. I believe in the value of social-first content and the importance of authentic connection on social. Always on, I know the latest trends popping up on social 🔥, current GenZ TikTok obsessions 😲  , the OGs, and the newest viral Influencers 🤳, as well as the creator economy POV 👀  . I deeply care about the community and work hard so that the brands bring value and resonate with their audience. 

I worked with Fortune 500, global and indie companies in Beauty, CPG, Health, and Pharma industries; building and executing organic, content, and integrated social media strategies, connecting with and scaling engaged communities, and crafting successful and meaningful campaigns. My personal lifestyle creator & social media work was published by the travel pioneers - @LonelyPlanet, IG-favorites @AccidentallyWesAnderson and @UrbanJungleBlog, and local experts @VisitDubai and @CentrePompidou among numerous others.​ Additionally, I'm a published and exhibited Photographer with 9-year practice, with the latest exhibition taking place in Italy. I'm currently based in New York exploring the depiction of botanicals, portraiture, and cityscape.

Social Media Case Studies

Pureology Strategy
Inluencer Campaign
Mizani Strategy
Production & Direction
Creator Social Media
Content Creation

I'm inspired to build a genuine connection with the community through storytelling and data-informed content. Grounded in providing value and entertainment on social media.

I've created content for brands like L'Oreal Technique, Pureology, Mizani, and Horizon Media from production and execution to post-production. I've also led creative strategy and teams; and organized, produced, and directed social-first shoots.

My personal lifestyle content work was published by @LonelyPlanet, @AccidentallyWesAnderson, @CentrePompidou, @Urban JungleBlog and@VisitDubai among others.

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