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Making Chocolates

Indie Food Industry and Audience
Digital Marketing Research Report

This project analyzes the Indie Food Industry, developing an outline of the most relevant trends, future projections, digital spaces and media types for the Digital Marketing Strategy of the indie chocolate brand, Coracao Confectionaries.

As a part of this research I have developed:

  • Persona Profiles for brand's digital marketing strategies.

  • A list of Digital Marketing technologies and tools relevant to the Target Audience of the brand.

  • Indie Food Industry Digital Marketing Development Report that outlines local and global trends and opportunities. With Case Studies examples.

  • Report on Future Trends that will impact Coracao's Audience and the industry they operate in.

This project is a part of the (AMA) American Marketing Association Certification - Research and Strategy Assignments developed for Coracao Confectioneries Company. This case study is in the development process.

Target Audience - Persona Profiles

Starting with the comprehensive study of the Target Audience I have developed three Data-Driven Persona Profiles

They were primarily based on data distilled from industry research, statistics, reports and professional literature, and enriched with analysis of company data on past and present activities.

Woman Eating Cookie
Digital Marketing technologies and tools relevant to the Target Audience of Coracao Brand.
Social Media

Coming as no surprise, Social Media is one of the most significant environments for the digital marketing development of the food industry brands today.


The report is uncovering persona's psychology, sentiment, values and expectations, and how brands can meet them in the most authentic and powerful way through social media, and other environments, tools and formats covered in this projects.


I highlighted Videformats, features and algorithms in this report and explained how this undeniably powerful tool can elevate digital marketing practices of the food brand and help reach your best customers.


TikTok is a highly relevant platform for Coracao's Target Audience and indie food brands at large. I have concentrated my analysis into a report that would help a brand maximize their reach and proactive use of the platform's many unique features.

Web Search
Speaking about something so intrinsic to our online existence nowadays, I tapped into the evolution of web search and many aspects existing in this environment, from SEO, e-WOM to the latest smart developments. I also presented this analysis from Personas growth and knowledgeability perspective. Bringing attention to the most impactful events that shape personas and ultimately motivate their choices.
Local and Global Impact of Digital Marketing Development on the
Indie Food Industry

This part of the report shows the development of the Indie Food Industry Digital Marketing environment. I am highlighting a number of Digital Marketing Technologies that stand out in today's scene as one of the most relevant for the food indie brand.

Each technology is presented with local successful case study analysis.

Social Commerce



Brand Subscriptions
Future Trends

Based on the extensive research and analysis, this chapter of the report gives a glimpse of the anticipated developments in the Indie Food Industry and those relevant to the Target Audience of Coracao Confectioneries Brand.

Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC)

Artificial Intelligence

Social Media and Content Quality


This Research and all Reports presented within were developed entirely by Léa Leyva. 

It is crafted as both a standalone Research Project and as a first step in the Digital Marketing Strategy for Coracao Confectioneries Brand which you can find here.

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